MON – TUES: 6.30AM – 2PM   |   WED – SAT: 6.30AM – 9.00PM   |   SUN: 7AM – 9.00PM


Every owner has their own vision. Like an artist who paints they have their own way of connecting with locality, culture and people through food and service. At Ozmosis we pride ourselves in providing fun, high quality fresh local produce in a laid back tropical environment. We are family friendly pet friendly and cater for all dietary requirements.

About Us

At Ozmosis we dare to be different. We offer a fresh, innovative menu, combined with a holistic approach. We pride ourselves in creating a culture of the understanding of needs and making every customer feel at home.


Wherever possible, Ozmosis supports local farmers and the community. We often buy direct from the source. It is our way of saying thank you and giving back the local community.

MON – TUES: 6.30AM – 2PM | WED – SAT: 6.30AM – 9.30PM | SUN: 7AM – 9.30PM